Thursday, January 17, 2008

Medical Tourism Benefits

Medical Tourism is rapidly growing practice of traveling to another
country to obtain medical care, dentistry and surgical procedures.
This also includes the leisure aspects typically associated with travel
and tourism. Medical Tourism is a very old concept dating back to
thousands of years. More and more individuals in the western
countries are taking advantage of this popular alternative for health
care needs.


  • Cost Savings
  • High Quality Care
  • Insurance Excluded Treatments
  • Speciality Treatments
  • Minimum Waiting Periods
  • New Country, New Experience!

  • Cost Savings

    The single most reason why many people travel around the globe
    for medical treatment is due to the huge cost savings. Depending
    upon the type of treatment, the country of choice, the uninsured,
    and the underinsured and elective care patients can save up to
    70% in savings over the cost in US.

    The hospitals that we have partnered have JCI accreditation or are
    in the process of getting this accreditation. They have high level
    of standards and criteria in the way they treat their patients. Most
    of their physicians are educated in UK or US and are board certified.
    In addition to the best treatment, these hospitals cater
    professionalism, hospitality, cleanliness and safety. In fact, Veteran
    travelers know that the hospitals, equipments, instrumentation, and
    customer services in these treatment centers are in par with
    US based hospitals. Moreover, countries like India and Thailand are
    pumping billions of dollars to promote Medical Tourism to
    International patients, focusing mainly on high quality care.

    Insurance Excluded Treatments

    We know that even the best insurances in US exclude a variety
    of treatments and procedures. The policyholder has to
    pay these from the out-of-pocket expenses. Most policies do not
    cover treatments such as cosmetic surgeries, dental implants,
    vision treatments (Lasik), infertility procedures, weight loss,
    rehabilitation programs, prosthetics, etc. Even if the policy
    allows such treatments, many place restrictions on
    prescriptions, pre-existing conditions, post-operative care and
    congenital disorders. Due to these reasons many Americans
    are flying abroad to have their treatments done at a fraction of
    the cost when compared to US.

    Speciality Treatments

    There are very few procedures that are not allowed in US, either
    the congress has not allowed them or it is still in testing and
    clinical trials stage. For such procedures and treatments, Medical
    Tourism is a viable option.

    Minimum Waiting Periods

    There have been several instances both in US and other western
    countries that a patient has to wait for along with their growing
    problem, before they get a transplant. This is very common for
    war veterans who are covered under Veterans Administration
    Act. For such procedures and treatments Medical Tourism offers
    the best choice.

    New Country, New Experience!

    While traveling abroad for Medical treatments could be
    challenging, many feel the displeasure of the hostile and sterile
    environments that they encounter in US hospitals. For some,
    exploring new culture, new country is often interesting than
    feeling it as a worrisome and tedious process.